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[23/06/2018] zeitkratzer / Terre Thaemlitz DEPRODUCTION mix finished !

Final mix finished after three month of intense mixing with Terre Thaemlitz, Reinhold Friedl and Robert Nacken! Looking forward to a realease in autumn 2018: vinyl (2LP) and CD.


Terre's DEPRODUCTION - recorded live at Maerzmusik Berlin 2018.

  • Frank Gratkowski: clarinets
  • Hild Sofie Tafjord: french horn
  • Elena Kakaliagou: french horn
  • Hilary Jeffery: trombone
  • Reinhold Friedl, piano, artistic direction
  • Maurice de Martin: percussion
  • Elisabeth Coudoux: violoncello
  • Nora Krahl: violoncello
  • Martin Heinze: double bass
  • Robert Nacken: sound

& Terre Thaemlitz: voice