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Hild Sofie Tafjord

has reimagined the sonic possibilities of the French horn and established herself as one of Norway's most compelling musicians. Pushing the limits of her instrument for years, whether acoustically or electronically, she has made her mark as composer, performer and improvisor. Her personal style makes an impression in her work with the groups Spunk, Lemur, and Fe-Mail, and takes center stage in her solo work.

Photo: Udo Siegfriedt

Hild was born on the small Norwegian island of Langevåg. She grew up in a well-known family of musicians. Her father is the jazz tuba player Stein Erik Tafjord and her uncle the French horn player Runar Tafjord. Hild Sofie studied French horn at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. She plays in several groups, such as the quartet SPUNK with Maria Ratkje, Lene Grenager and Kristin Andersen (from 1995), and Kvartett Lemur. Hild Sofie tours worldwide and besides her collaborations with musicians like Zeena Parkins, Wolf Eyes, Fred Frith, Ikue Mori, Evan Parker, Matmos, and the Norwegian Noise Orchestra, she is especially known for her outstanding solo work and her high-energy noise music with electronically extended French horn. Hild has been playing with zeitkratzer since 2009.