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zeitkratzer [electronics] Terre Thaemlitz

zkr0005 zeitkratzer records, Barcode: 881390642526, CD, 8-page-booklet, duration: 55:14
all music by Terre Thaemlitz, performed by zeitkratzer
distributed by Broken Silence [UK: Shellshock, US: Forced Exposure, F: Metamkine, JAP: Disk Union]

zeitkratzer directed by Reinhold Friedl
|| Frank Gratkowski < bass clarinet [2, 3, 5/6] || Hayden Chisholm < bass clarinet [1, 4] || Franz Hautzinger < trumpet, radio [on 5/6] || Melvyn Poore < tuba || Reinhold Friedl < piano, inside-piano || Maurice de Martin < percussion || Burkhard Schlothauer < violin || Anton Lukoszevieze < cello || Ulrich Phillipp < double bass || Marc Weiser < analog electronics || Ralf Meinz < sound

Terre Thaemlitz < voice [1] < piano [right channel] [1, 4]

02, 05, 06 recorded at the L’Auditori de Barcelona, Digressions Festival Barcelona, Spain, February 26, 2007; 01, 04 recorded at Volksbühne Berlin, Germany, March 25, 2005; 03 recorded at Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France, March 29, 2007, recorded and mixed by Ralf Meinz, supported by Deutscher Musikrat

Terre Thaemlitz composed the present pieces for and with zeitkratzer. The starting points were Thaemlitz’ releases „means from an end“ and „couture cosmetique“, which present him as an electro acoustic composer with an amazing sensibility for sound and harsh cutting techniques. This is especially evident in „sloppy 42nds“, and moreover, Thamlitz’ filtering techniques are transformed into a complex, nearly surrealistic instrumental sound in „Superbonus“.

Thaemlitz’ provenance as a New York underground DJ is recalled, as well as his political engagement in „Down Home Kami-Sakunobe“ and „Hobo Train“. On this CD you will find the most Pop oriented music - including references to dance and  house - zeitkratzer has ever released! But don’t forget to listen to the main track, hidden as “superbonus”…


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la plus périlleuse de ses collaborations … c'est vraiment le sentiment de liberté totale qui s'impose ici
GouteMesDisques, F, 2/2009

großartig gespielt! Im syntaktischen Sinn vermehrt die Störung den Informationsgehalt des Gesamtsignals, weil es seine Vielfalt vergrößert", wird Robert R. Höldrich im Booklet zitiert, und genau darauf kommt es diesen Kompositionen an: die Vielfalt zu vergrößern, sich zu trauen, alles Mögliche auch tatsächlich möglich zu machen.”
Titel Magazin, D, 12/2008

lebendig und frisch, überraschend und, aber ja doch!, verflixt groovy
Felix Klopotek, Stadtrevue Köln, D, 12/2008

This is surely a great piece.
Vital Weekly, Frans de Waard, NL, 2/2009

complejo cercano al surrealismo instrumental
ESP Radio Nacional de España, 3/2009

it's difficult not to find yourself completely enthralled with the track's sheer audacity, acoustic warts and all, sans circuitry. All such contemporary reinterpretations should be so empathetic and mimetic.
Squidsear, US, 2/2009