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zeitkratzer [electronics] Keiji Haino

zkr0006 zeitkratzer records, Barcode: 881390642625, CD, 8-page-booklet, duration: 56:56
all music by Keiji Haino & Reinhold Friedl, performed by zeitkratzer
distributed by Broken Silence [UK: Shellshock, US: Forced Exposure, F: Metamkine, JAP: Disk Union]

zeitkratzer directed by Reinhold Friedl
|| Frank Gratkowski < bass clarinet [2] || Hayden Chisholm < bass clarinet [1, 3] || Franz Hautzinger < trumpet || Melvyn Poore < tuba || Reinhold Friedl < piano, inside-piano || Maurice de Martin < percussion || Burkhard Schlothauer < violin || Anton Lukoszevieze < cello || Ulrich Phillipp < double bass || Marc Weiser < electronics || Ralf Meinz < sound ||

Keiji Haino < guitar < voice < electronics < drums [4]

recorded live at Donaufestival Krems, Austria, April 24, 2006 and at Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin, Nov 11, 2005
recorded by Ralf Meinz, supported by Deutscher Musikrat

The Berliner Zeitung wrote about zeitkratzer’s cooperation with Keiji Haino, one of the most renowned japanese noise artists of the first generation: „They had only rehearsed for three days, but the result was mind-blowing. Haino made music on the guitar and on the drums, on electronic devices, on two Theremins and with his wunderfully changeable tenor; zeitkratzer infolded him, pushed him away, embedded him in noise and carried him through the sound space like on atomising waves. Only one thing did not exist: the reconciliation between the soloist and his ensemble, which would have denied the differences in traditions and styles; The greatness of the sound, the richness of his textures was a result purely of the contrast and its dynamic.”


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The supernova finally occurs!
Chicago Reader, US, 2/2006

Forcefull and utterly compelling.
Rock-a-Rolla, UK, 1-2009

proprement stupéfiante.
DSide, F, 01/2009

El public que asistiera al concierto debió sentir el Apokalipsis a la vuelta de la esquina.
Clone, ES, 01/2009

The Keiji Haino disc is a real highlight, with zeitkratzer enfolding him in its grasp like some tentacular kraken of the deep. Haino effectively becomes another member of the group.
The Wire Magazine, UK, 11/2008

Großartig die abschließende „Sinfonia“, in der sich lyrische Noise-Fluten organisch zu einem hypnotisierend intensiven und bei aller Wucht noch immer vielschichtigen, detailreichen Klanguniversum verdichten. Dafür 5 von 5 Punkten!“
Concerto 3/2009

Menaçant à l'extrême mais terriblement addictif.
Goutemes disques, F, 2/2009

Hier kommt zeitkratzer der Beschreibung vom Lärm, „der ein neues System hervorbringt, eine Ordnung von höherer Komplexität“ (Michel Serres) sehr nahe. Fabelhaft.
Freistil, D, 04/2009

un sommet d'extrémité sonique accompli, où toutes les énergies musicales et sonores des participants semblent se confondre dans une apologie débridée de la fureur.
octopus-enligne, F, 3/2009

And yes, this IS a release that is really something else. Wow!! Definitely recommended!
Earlabs, UK, 12/2008

une charge furieuse est implacable.
Volume, F, 02/2009

zeitkratzer and Haino building a wonderfully feeling of controlled tension, strange bleak beauty and all surrounding otherness.
Musique Machine, UK, 01/2009

subdued elaborations, dark and elegant
neural.it, IT, 01/2009