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Elena Kakaligou

studied French horn in Athens (Greece), Graz (Austria) and Helsinki (Finland) with V. Skouras, H. McDonald and E. Joukamo-Ampuja before moving to Berlin in 2010. Her influences apart from her studies were guided by various forms of contemporary art, folk, jazz and classical music.


Elena plays in several ensembles: the Trio PARA (Austria), the Rank Ensemble (Finland), the brass trio Zinc& Copper (Germany). Her approach to the instrument is characterized by extremes: Elena is a specialist in tuning, intonation and microtonality. The counterpart to her musical lyricism is her interest in harsh noise, using highly amplified sounds. She always tries to find new sounds and ways to connect and transmit social aspects with music. Elena performs worldwide and plays with numerous improvising musicians and artists, like Ingrid Schmoliner (Australia), Matias Guerra (Chile), Riikka Innanen (Finland), and also works with composers as Phil Niblock (US), CC Hennix (Sweden), Ellen Arkbro (Sweden) and Eliane Radigue (France). Elena has been playing with zeitkratzer since 2015.